"When Art Meets Fashion"

Art is typically in visual form that, in turn, allows the appreciators to be moved by the beauty and emotional power it may possess. What better way, then, to combine art with fashion into unique concepts that allow us to appreciate both. 

Our design and studio is located in San Francisco. All OLIVIA KUO designs are made to order in one of PAOM studios in Swainsboro, GA, or Shanghai. This means each item is only printed and assembled after you order it -- so everything you order from us is made exactly to your specifications! Happy Shopping :)



At OLIVIA KUO, we do everything we can to make sure the product looks exactly the way it was designed. That said, there may be some small differences between virtual product and the final production piece due to the movement of fabric during the printing process and slight shrinking during the steaming process. 



Every piece on OLIVIA KUO is custom made. We print the fabric first and then cut and sew. We believe that by taking fashion slowly we can offer high quality items and produce in an environmentally sustainable way. At this time our OLIVIA KUO store is online only.



Print All Over Me is a platform that allows anyone to create high quality bespoke items for reasonable prices. PAOM studio is based in New York City's Greenwich Village. Their main production studio is outside Shanghai and they have a satellite studio in Georgia, outside Savannah.